What to Wear to Law School: Episode 7

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Episode 7

We have been asked many times “what do you wear in Law School” and “how can I prepare?” Here are our takes on how to get your wardrobe in tip-top shape before you hit the courtroom for the first time!


What to stock up on if you’re a 0L? 

-silk/satin shells 

-silk/satin tops that can stand alone

-multiple suits (especially when you get ready for interviews/summer jobs and volunteering) 

-loafers (flats are life savers)

-chunky heeled CLOSED toe shoes

-slack pants 



you won’t wear above at the very beginning but only a few times but later when you don't have time to shop you will be glad you did it then!


What to wear on the first day?

-jeans and a cute top

Check out madewell, target, j.crew, lou and grey, loft and Nordstrom actual pieces to wear on your first day!


What to wear for “court attire”?

-navy or black suit or suit dress



Amal Clooney

Shout out to Amal Clooney for great inspiration for the courtroom!


What to wear to orientation?

SMART CASUAL --A cute jacket, plain-colored top and slacks or dark jeans. 

The Ladies Top Picks (with links)


What we could not live without: