About Us

A community for everyone who ever thought hmmm maybe law school seems fun.

Law School can be a scary and challenging experience. However, hearing firsthand real advice can always make the process easier; Tune in to every Monday for an insider's perspective from Haylie and Samantha, two aspiring women, about their journeys to becoming Lawyers. Whether you are just starting out your legal journey, still considering if law school is for you, or simply want some lighthearted legal laughs, this is the podcast for you.

The ladies behind the mic.


This is Haylie.

Haylie is a 3L from East Texas; Journalism lights her fire and, thus, with this podcast hopes to help debunk the myths surrounding law school. She spends her time listening to @NYTdaily podcast, keeping up with the latest fashion phenomenons, and playing with her dog, Duke. If you can’t find her studying at the law school, she is most likely sipping on a vanilla latte whilst planning her next endeavor at a coffee shop.

This is Samantha.

Samantha is a 3L that was born in Texas but was raised all over the world. Traveling is what she loves the most; likely due to the fact that she grew up in South America. Since she was a little gal, Samantha knew that the legal field was where she was destined to be. She spends her time enlightening people about how great spin class is, flipping through Daily Mail on snapchat, and loving her little boy (dog) Ollie. If you can’t find her with her study group at the law school, she’s probably eating hot fries or trying to find the next cool concert to go to.